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Our customer service is the most important part of the total value package we have to offer. We are here to assist you in every possible way 24/7 with any questions or concerns you may have with regards to your account. In order to ensure that all of your conferencing needs are met, we have a highly experienced Billing and Support Staff prepared to answer any questions you may have about how to use our services, and how we bill you for your conferencing usage. We take pride in our clients' overall satisfaction and it shows!

If you cannot find the answer to what you are looking for on our Web site, please contact our Customer Service Department:

Direct Domestic/Intl Support & Billing Line: (713) 954-6671

General Corporate Line (Sales, Support, Billing): (800) 710-2185

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently asked questions regarding Clear Channel Conferencing service:

Q: What are the touchtone commands I can use during a conference?

A: The touchtone commands available to the Moderator depend on which type of service you have purchased (Most of our Bridges have the following commands enabled):
Basic Conferencing Bridge * Commands:

Moderator Controls

Moderator Controls

*2 – Initiates Unattended Conference Record Function (M)

*4- Increases Volume to all Lines in a Conference (M/P)

*5 - Lecture Mode (mutes all participants except the moderator) (M)

*6 - Self-Mute (P)

*7 - Security (locks conference so no additional participants can join) (M)

*8 – Count of participants

Q: Do I need to login on the website or call and reserve a time for my conference?

A: No. You can start a conference call at the time of your choosing, so our services are all on demand. You do not need to schedule a conference or reserve a time with us if your conference call does not exceed 99 participants. To start a conference, simply dial your designated access number(s), enter your PIN, and your conference is underway!

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Q: How do I mute a noisy participant?

A: Ask the participant to press *6 on their phone. This will mute the participant's phone. As the moderator, you can also mute all participants by pressing *5 on your phone.

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Q: How do I change my PINs?

A: Call our customer support department at (713) 954-6671

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Q: I forgot my Moderator/Participant PINs. How can I find out what they are?

A: If you have signed up for our Web Conferencing service, then your Moderator and Participant Codes are the same for both Audio and Web Conferencing.
If you do not remember your Pins, you can call our customer care department and they will retrieve them for you: (713) 954-6671

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Q: How do I record a conference?

A: NOTE: Your account must be configured for call recording. If you're not sure if your account is configured for call recording, please contact customer support.
Start your conference call and announce to participants that recording is about to begin.
• Press *2 to initiate recording once you’ve started your conference call. You will be prompted to enter 1 to record the current conference.
• The system will ask you if you would like a password for the recording. Press 1 to use the participant PIN code or any other digit for no password.
• You will be notified when your recording begins.

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Q: How do Participants play back a recorded conference?

A: Inform listeners of either the Toll or Toll-Free access numbers you normally use to have a conference call.
Follow these steps to listen to a recorded conference after dialing in (Note that recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days, and only one recording can exist during this 30 day period. If you record a second conference before the 30 days have passed, your previous recording will be overwritten):

  • Enter the Moderator PIN Code
  • Press *2 to play back a recording
  • The system will prompt you to enter “1” to record the current conference or any other digit to listen to a previously recorded conference.
  • Enter the confirmation number of the previously recorded conference.
  • f a password was required for the conference, it will ask for it at this time. If no password is required, playback will begin.

* Remember that the account will be billed for each minute that anyone calls to listen to the Replay.

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Q: Is the PIN for participant fixed for ALL calls, or can it be set up by the moderator each time?

A: It is fixed for all calls. If you need to be able to set up a different PIN for each call, our per-minute plans support this capability. Please contact customer support to obtain additional PINs or to change your account configuration to per-minute billing. Once this has been accomplished, our Support Agents can assign you as many pin pairs as you need.

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Q: Is there a dial out option from within the conference?

A: NOTE: Your account must be configured for dial-out in order to use this feature. If your account is configured for dial-out, you, as the conference moderator, can use this feature. Please call customer support to inquire about enabling dial-out on your account.

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Q: What is the difference between the Moderator PIN and the Participant PIN?

A: The Moderator PIN is used by the person directing the conference and has a few more features/capabilities than the Participant PIN. It should be kept private because it allows your account to be used on demand.

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