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Web Conferencing
Start Visuals

Flat Rate Web Conferencing

Finally you can add unlimited monthly web conferencing to your audio conferencing for a low cost, total conferencing experience. StartVisuals provides all the features you need, yet it's simple and practical. You, as chairperson, control what they see and when they see it. Present to prospects and associates around the world in real-time with just one click.

StartVisuals Web conferencing is designed to meet the Web conferencing needs of today's enterprises. Participants can attend a StartVisuals conference with just an internet connection and a browser. Webconferencing empowers users to share presentations and documents online - anytime, anywhere.

Today's everyone business relies on low cost conference calling services for their mass business communication, as a cheaper alternative for the costlier business travels, since conference call services are easy, cheap, and effective.

Select and contact us for cheap web conferencing from various suppliers because we offer cheap web conferencing to suit your conferencing requirements. We offer different rates on cheap web conferencing depending on the type of conferencing you require that will be based on use, number of sites, number of users, infrastructure.

Unlimited Flat Rate Toll Plans are as follows:
Only  20 ¢ per minute
No Minimums
No Contracts
Per Participant Web Only
Only $ 149.95 per month

Unlimited Web
for 10

Only $ 249.95 per month
Unlimited Web Conferencing
for 20
Only $ 349.95 per month
Unlimited Web Conferencing
for 50
  • Audience friendly
    There is no software to load. Your participants need nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser. StartVisuals is also "fire-wall friendly" which means that just about anyone who can browse the internet can attend your presentation.

  • One-click publishing of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word or Excel files
    Flip "slides" easily for your participants, page through a document, or move from worksheet to worksheet.

  • Web tours
    Take your audience on tour on the Web. They don't have to hunt for links to follow along.

  • Application viewing
    Share an application (single program or window) on your computer or the entire desktop. Participants will see what you are doing in near real time, including your mouse movements and keyboard typing.

  • Application viewing
    Start a Web conference on a whim during a call, or e-mail an invitation in advance. Participants need just the URL and entry code.
Display Port
Clear Channel Display Port

Interactive data sharing via the web

Conduct Highly Productive and Efficient Web Conferences

Clear Channel Display Port enables you to dynamically meet online with anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Share presentations, documents, or any other media for true efficiency. With just a phone and a web browser, Clear Channel Display Port allows you to productively and cost-effectively engage in your most important business without having to leave your office.

Only 22 Cents per minute
  No Minimums
No Contracts
Only 25 Cents per minute
Web & Toll Free Audio
No Minimums
No Contracts

Key Features of the Display Port Product

  • Give visual presentation utilizing Power Point slides
  • Demonstrate / train on software applications remotely.
  • Collaborate on documents such as contracts, agreements,
    offers, or reports
  • Share desktops
  • Draw and annotate on an on-screen whiteboard.
  • Lead others around the web with Follow-me browsing.
  • Control what your attendees see on their screens
  • Combine Web with Toll Free Audio Conferencing for the greatest value at only 25 cents per minute per participant

All Types of Firms Use Display Port For:

  • Team meetings
  • Project status updates
  • Sales briefings
  • Impromptu discussions
  • Marketing Reviews
  • Sales presentations
  • Training workshops
  • Press conferences
  • Product launches
  • Corporate announcements
  • Board-level presentations
  • Crisis conference
  • Investor Relations

Buy WebEx from us for a lower cost than what can be obtained directly from WebEx!

TheDataPort.com™ powered by WebEx is a hosted service, eliminating the need for investment in hardware, software installation, and maintenance. Your Clear Channel Conferencing + WebEx Services can be tailored to your company's needs with configurable features and a rich set of interactive, multimedia meeting features that enable communication and collaboration worldwide.

WebEx plans can be purchased for 25 cents per minute per participant.
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Only 25 Cents per minute
  No Minimums
No Contracts
Per Participant Web Only
Comparison Matrix
WebEx StartVisuals Display Port
Power Point Presentations Yes Yes Yes
Application Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Desktop Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Annotation Tools Yes Yes Yes
Recording and Playback Yes No Yes
Web Video Yes No No
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes
Follow-Me Browsing Yes Yes Yes
Branding Yes No No
Invitations Yes No Yes
Chat / Discussion Window / IM Yes Yes Yes
File Transfer Yes No No
Participant List Yes No Yes
Voting and Polling Yes Yes Yes
On Demand, Reservationless No Yes Yes
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